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mizu 氷 gazipan 水

mizu 氷 gazi 水 pan
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icons, resources, etc.
Welcome! This graphics community is owned and maintained by psycophant. Anime and manga is the dominate focus of icons here, with an ample mix of video game fandom. Occasionally there are resource packets, like textures, or clean manga bases. Subscribe to mizugazipan to keep an eye out for request posts!

There are only a few guidelines set forth when it comes to utilizing icons and resources. The basic tenants of courtesy.

There's MOAR! Making icons has helped me make friends. There are many many awesome icon-makers out there and I'm very pleased to share my associations with you! Take a peek at my affiliates and see what they've been up to. Conquering the world, probably. And making icons about it.

Are you thinking WE'D look good together? Okay, well drop me on a line on the affiliates page and if the shoes fits, I'll wear you? 8D

check 'em out, zotto!

Junk drawer! I'd like to use this space to grovel and pimp. First a big thank you!! to the countless posters at communities like icon_textures and on DeviantArt who are able to sink so much time and thought into make resources that are indispensable to me.

Next I gotta spread the word that icontests are not dead! Without a good icontest, I wouldn't make most of the icons that I do. XD Check out these favorites of mine: animanga_itest, vgicontest, and clamp_awards! With challenge communities taking over, we need to support our roots!

Hay brah! Come take my Which Sailor Senshi Are You? quiz! Yup, made it myself. I'd love to hear what you think of it!

Current and all-time favs (of anything): bishoujo senshi sailormoon, shoujo kakumei utena, all things setona mizushiro, scott pilgrim, mst3k, dragon age, claymore, clamp, all things hyung tae kim, valkyrie profile